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Dated: 08/14/2017

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Do you have what it takes to represent Boise as a Cultural Ambassador?

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The Cultural Ambassador serves as a representative of the City of Trees to other cities around the world. The Cultural Ambassador program is managed by the Boise City Department of Arts & History, with the Boise City Mayor presenting the honorific title to the selected ambassador.

The Cultural Ambassador has the position for two years and is awarded the Mayor’s Awards for Excellence in Arts & History. This prestigious position is dedicated to:

  • Raise awareness of the individual and/or organization and their connection to Boise

  • Raise awareness of cultural activities during the term of the ambassadorship

  • Determine the cultural impact of the organization on the community

  • Encourage promotion around Boise’s cultural life in other cities

Apply to be Cultural Ambassador

It's easy to apply to be the Cultural Ambassador, and the program isn't only restricted to individuals. Nonprofits, organizations, and businesses can also apply for the title. You have until August 31st to apply for the position!

  • Applicants must be characteristically “Boise.”

  • Successful applicants are required to demonstrate ability and integrity within the artistic, historic, or cultural-based medium; knowledge of Boise’s creative community; and strong commitment to community and education programming.

  • The public expression of culture includes: public art, history, performances, exhibits, educational opportunities (presentations/lectures, workshops, walking tours, training, etc.), collaborations, research, planning, and/or analysis.

  • In addition to media appearances, the selected Cultural Ambassador will present at least one educational activity per term year that includes, but is not limited to: workshop, class, or other form of community outreach.

The Ambassador partners with the City of Boise to determine the goals and activities that will be tackled during the two year period. Every fall, the City of Boise and Ambassador will meet to discuss how the program's funding is being used to accomplish the set goals.

A final report must be submitted that wraps up what was accomplished and how.

Interested in representing Boise and its culture around the globe? Learn more here.

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